Server Side hook directory

Can someone tell me the directory (at least approximately) where the Server Side hooks are installed on a GitLab Server instance? I’d like to look at the pre-commit hook, and perhaps adjust it.

Hi, this is mentioned in the docs The location changes according to your installation, source or package.

I am a bit new to gitlab, and maybe my question is answered elsewhere , but this topic is closest to what i am looking for.

I would like to know if Server Side custom hooks are working for web interface as well.
for example, i have created update hook in /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories/***.git/custom_hooks
the hook is quite simple just refuse to delete tags. ( like )
from console, everything looks ok, hook “update” is triggered and working as intended.
,BUT if i do delete tag from web interface, the hook is not even triggered.
am i missing something or gitlab manipulate tags and branches in different way ?

i really would like to have this custom hook in some projects not for entire server :slight_smile:
cheers Zanon