Server hooks on


The article linked above seems to indicate that server side hooks are possible with (the cloud account). But I do not see how to access the “Gitlab shell hooks directory” mentioned there. The selection from the dropdown at the top of the page is “” so the claim is that this works with the cloud account (I have the free account).


Screenshot_2020-04-22 Server hooks GitLab

But this quick google search seems to indicate that the GitLab Shell hooks directory is in the context of the self-hosted version instead…


If there is a way to use server side hooks with please clue me in because I need to implement them for what I’m doing. Are they available with the free account? If so, how do I access this elusory “GitLab Shell hooks directory”? How to install and implement said hooks?

I initially thought that having “” selected in the drop-down meant the same thing, however it applies to the “version” deployed to “” not “hosted at” vs. “on-premise”. My guess is that this is not accessible for the cloud version of gitlab.

That sucks