Service Desk replies/comments not sent to the end user

Hello everyone!

I’ve been running into an issue while setting up Service Desk on GitLab Community Edition 13.9.2, via omnibus installation.

Incoming emails are received and Service Desk successfully creates issues for them, but comments on those issues are not forwarded on to the sender.
I’ve read that other users had similar issues in various constellations, yet I couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with my settings.

This is how it looks:

  1. An email from the end user is received and Service Desk opens up an issue correspondingly. The sender does not receive a confirmation / ‘thank you’ note.

  2. I reply to the issue but comments are not sent to the end user.

Here are my settings, could you please help shed some light?

gitlab_rails[‘gitlab_email_enabled’] = true

gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_address’] = “firstname.lastname+%{key}

gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_email’] = “

gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_password’] = “password”

gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_host’] = “
gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_port’] = 993
gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_ssl’] = true
gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_start_tls’] = false

gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_mailbox_name’] = “inbox”
gitlab_rails[‘incoming_email_idle_timeout’] = 60

gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_enabled’] = true
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_address’] = “firstname.lastname+%{key}
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_email’] = “
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_password’] = “password”
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_mailbox_name’] = “inbox”
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_idle_timeout’] = 60
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_log_file’] = “/var/log/gitlab/mailroom/mail_room_json.log”
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_host’] = “
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_port’] = 993
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_ssl’] = true
gitlab_rails[‘service_desk_email_start_tls’] = false