Services on shared windows workers


I’m using Gitlab’s shared windows workers, and need to run a database alongside to run tests. I think that is what services is for.

Here’s a test job :

    - shared-windows
    - windows-1809
    - windows
  stage: test
    # this is a dummy httpserver returning hello world, in real world that would be a custom postgres image
    - name: strm/helloworld-http
      alias: helloworld
    - wget http://helloworld

But it fails with The remote name could not be resolved. I also tried with instead of the host name, and with a windows image instead of a linux image.

From what I understand, shared windows worker run using the custom executor, and the docs says this supports gitlab-ci’s services.

So, here are my questions :

A/ Is it supposed to work ? From the logs, it looks like services is completely ignored (no mention of the services).

B/ Alternatively, I could run the image in detached mode in my script (docker run -d -p 80:80 strm/helloworld-http). But then, I clearly get docker: image operating system "linux" cannot be used on this platform.
Cross-platform dockering works well on Windows desktop, isn’t there a way to get that working with gitlab’s shared windows workers ?

C/ Also, on the The Docker executor | GitLab, the top section makes me think it’s possible to run linux containers on windows. Is there a way to use the docker executor on a windows host with shared runners ?

For what it’s worth, here’s a test project.

Thanks a lot !!!