Setting access to projects within a group

Good afternoon! Have a question …
There is a group with users.
This group has projects, and in each project all users of the group are considered members at once.
How to select specific users of the group to access them in the project? So that not all users of the group had access to the project. And to be able to give access to different users for different projects.


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So your request seems similar to the one in this issue, and in this comment, Mark explains how the permissions for the project are affected by that of the group. You can add to the issue if you think this is a feature that would be beneficial you would like to see in the future versions of GitLab.

As a workaround, I would suggest to add users to a subgroup instead of the parent group so that users aren’t automatically added to projects when it’s created. You can follow this doc to create a subgroup.

Parent Group A has only owner member
Subgroup A1 has 4 members
Project X has been created by Group A
Now the owner can grant permissions to Project X for the members in Subgroup A1, the whole group or individual users.

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