Group permission management, access for developer


I have set up a Gitlab solution in our company.
We would like to be able to store our projects in groups. I would like each user to be able to create a project in the groups and to have the rights on his project.

From what I have seen:

  • A user must have “developer” rights on the group to create a project.

    • With the “developer” right, the user is not a “maintainer” of his project (so he can’t modify the parameters, nor push on the “master” branch !)
  • A user with “maintainer” rights on the group can create a project and access the parameters of his project. However, he also becomes “maintainer” of other users’ projects! This is not desired.

From what I could see, it is linked to this issue: Creator of new project does not get owner privileges (#17095) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab which is more than 4 years old!

What solution could you propose to me so that a user can create projects in a group, and that he has the rights on his project without having maintainer rights on the projects of other users.

Thank you in advance.

(latest Gitlab-ee version, 14.7.0)