Settings issue

Hello all,

I’m just following this guide: Using SSH keys with GitLab CI/CD | GitLab.

In the 5th step, says: “…add the public key from the one you created in the first step to the services”. What’s the meaning?

It was misunderstood.

First. Go to the runner server and create the new key (gitlab-runner user.)
Second. Copy the contain of /home/github-runner/.ssh/ into the environment variable that could be read after your container to ssh-add part:

  - echo "$SSH_PRIVATE_KEY" | tr -d '\r' | ssh-add -

Third. Use ssh-copy-id or copy the /home/github-runner/.ssh/ into the destination server you want to deploy, for example: /home/yukey/.ssh/authorized_keys
Four. Check you can connect to the destination server using gitlab-server.
Five. Perform deploy.