Setup Kubernetes CI Runner


  • Gitlab 14.3.3
  • Digital Ocean Droplet (gitlab install)
  • KAS enabled
  • Digital Ocean Kubernetes cluster
  • Cluster management project

I got the Kubernetes cluster working and I am trying to setup the applications in the cluster. Which one of them is the Gitlab runner I want to run in Kubernetes for my projects.

I feel like there is a chicken and egg problem, with the cluster management project wanting to run, but has no runners, but I want the runners to install in Kubernetes.

Do I have to have a separate runner for just kubernetes setup?

Howdy @Atherion,

From your list, it doesn’t look like you’ve installed a runner yet. If not, those docs should get you going!

If you have installed a Runner, what tags/config does it have? You can find the information on the Admin page.