Shared Runner CI minutes are inaccurate by a factor of 2

GitLab started failing all my builds today because I appear to be out of shared runner minutes. I looked through my history on and saw that a total of 260 jobs have been run since May 1, each about 2-4 minutes long, for a total of fewer than 1000 minutes. This is half the max of 2000.

Is this a bug, or am I misunderstanding how the calculation is done?

It’s especially frustrating for me because I had no warning ahead of time that I was running low on minutes, nor did I get an email or any other sort of notification to let me know that this limit would be taking effect as of May 1 this month (announed here). As far as I knew, there was still no limit to the free plan.

In addition to solving this bug, what can I do to ensure I know in advance next time when I’m running low on minutes?

According to GitLab support, current quota can be viewed at

Note that you need to be a group “owner” to do this; not even a “master” can view this page. It’s unclear whether the minutes are accurate to real life, but at least they’re visible :wink: