Show a project like it would look to another user

We are running gitlab enterprise edition 9.3.10-ee 0bc6379 and often users struggle setting up permissions of their projects correctly (internal vs. private, and access levels). This either ends up with settings that are too permissive (people from other groups who shouldn’t see the group-internal things can see too much, unclear if harm was done), too restrictive (usually ends up with reports from users who should have read / push access but don’t, and then one has to wait for the owner to be back at their emails), or project owners are frustrated about having to find users from their group to verify they can see all they should see, and to find people from other groups they cannot see what they shouldn’t see.

It occured to us that facebook has a “view my page as it looks to …” feature, where one can verify oneself what is visible to whom.

Does such a feature exist in gitlab, such that one doesn’t need to find other users to verify settings? If not, can this be added?

Hey @paul.seyfert, no such feature exists in GitLab yet as far as I’m aware. If you’d like to see this implemented, please consider creating a feature proposal issue in the GitLab Community Edition issue tracker using the feature proposal issue template.