Commits does not appear in issues in gitlab

When One of my users do commit and push in the project with the issue number, the commit does not appear in the issue ( linked ) . while other users it works.
Any idea why?

My idea: did you verify if in commit message issue’s number start with # , for example #123 ?

Hello Vokail,

Yes the member is doing that but its not working ( I m using as a free account ) but my personnel user or other member when they do commit it works, only one person its not.

Any one has idea about this issue ?

Got the same issue. Its working fine for me (my gitlab account) but I am working with dozens of people with Gitlab and noticed the same bug with two accounts ! Anyone got that bug figured out ? There doesnt seem to be anything the user are doing differently, they add #ID in the commit message, but it doesnt appear in the Gitlab issue of the same ID.
So basically Crosslinking Issues from From Commit Messages doesnt work, see doc :
I can be contacted in private if you need to know which account dont work (for them, it never works, not on any project on gitlab !)