Unable to set group and project's visibility as public

I have this group https://gitlab.com/licencas containing only the page repository https://gitlab.com/licencas/licencas.gitlab.io (providing the page http://licencas.gitlab.io).

When I create this project and repository somewhere in 2017, I set the visibility to Internal. Now I want to set it to Public.

I followed instructions on changing group visibility as well as changing project visibility, but Public visibility is not enabled in both.

Funny enough, the group is stated as Internal, but the only group visibility available is Public. I bet that because my group is considered Internal my project allows only Private and Internal. See screenshots of the group below.

The main group page shows Internal:


But the visibility settings has only Public:


How can I fix this inconsistency in my group’s visibility so I can set both group and project as Public?