Sort by & Last updated at dashboard page

Hello World!

I updated Gitlab-CE to latest 12.0.3 (08a51a9db93) version and have noticed that when I’m at dashboard page is, even though under Sort by, a default value Last updated is already selected, yet projects that appears at the top, are from some time ago, however if I select same Last updated value as is default value and let page to reload, I’m seeing entirely different order than from before… drives me :banana::banana::crazy_face:

Is this just me? or anyone else is having same issue? or maybe had before and knows how to fix it)

Please advise)

I have the same issue.

While updgrading, postgresql had a problem updating. After reconfiguring and running the upgrade again, the error disappeared. Maybe it does have something to do with that?

seems like issue is resolved in 12.1.0 (295480f4553), can someone else confirm?

This is an issue that has annoyed many GitLab users (including me), and caused numerous bug reports:
Just two of the issues about this:

And yes, this seems to be fixed in 12.1.