Spring Boot Maven Plugin > 2.4.x build image pubish on gitlab registry

I’m currently developing a GitLab CI/CD Pipeline which compiles, tests and builds a standard Spring Boot application. I want to package it in a docker image and publish that to the GitLab registry to use it later on. Spring Boot recently added the build-image goal to its maven plugin which also has the ability to publish the image to a registry. My problem is, that I can’t get the auth to work. I’m using a maven:3.6.3-jdk-11-slim image for the job with the docker:dind service to have access to a docker daemon. Building the image runs fine, but publishing fails. I configured the maven plugin in the project pom to use properties for auth, which will be overwritten by the CLI in my CI/CD Job as follows:


Properties defined in the POM with no value (Will be filled in by CLI call):


My maven CLI call in the Pipeline/Job uses the GitLab registry variables:

docker image job:
  stage: Build
  image: maven:3.6.3-jdk-11-slim
    - docker:dind
    - echo "java.runtime.version=11" > system.properties
    - mvn spring-boot:build-image -DCI_REGISTRY=$CI_REGISTRY -DCI_REGISTRY_USER=$CI_REGISTRY_USER -DCI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD=$CI_REGISTRY_PASSWORD -Dspring-boot.build-image.imageName=SpringBootImage_${CI_JOB_ID} -Dspring-boot.build-image.publish=true

I was following the instructions via GitLab and Spring Boot documentation, but cant seem to identify my problem :confused: GitLab Registry Auth documentation Spring Boot Maven Plugin image publishing documentation

If you need further information please let me know. I appreciate any kind of directions and ideas.