SSH key problem

Well i’m trying to fix this for some hours now
Yesterday this was working fine, i don’t know if this has to do with me changing the port of gitlab from 80 to 90.
What i’m doing is i am creating a SSH key with the command ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C “
Then when i type ssh -T to check if it’s working i get: Permission denied (publickey).
Then when i type ssh -vvvT to check for errors i get this :
Will be very thankful if somebody can help me with this.

The question is lacking everything, and you are the one who suffer because of that.

Changing port for web interface has nothing to do with SSH and SSH keys.
That tells me that you actually do not have a clue what you are doing and what you want to achieve.
So one reading your question will just close the tab and move on.

Have you added new public key to your Gitlab? What is the output of the SSH key generation?

Haha @markotitel is a bit harsh, but has a point. You should provide more information about your setup!

I don’t get where you made that change :thinking: Is this on your own GitLab installation? Later you write you’re trying with I doesn’t make much sense.

Give us more info! You can start by posting the entry in .ssh/config.

Yes I know it sounds harsh. But I hope no one will actually take it harsh = )

@markotitel Well i don’t think you are capable of assuming i am new to this right, that’s why im actually asking, your opinion also doensnt do anything

So i’m still getting the error but the git push worked so i’m fine, also i could continue this to fix everything or maybe help some other person having this problem, but i have no reason to do so since it looks like all im getting is a mr “oh hurdur i program for so long bro you dont have a clue!!!”

Oh I am assuming you are new to this :wink: