Ssh problem

Having a real problem trying to set up ssh keys on gitlab.
Ubuntu 18 04
Used the gitlab guide to set up keys and install on gitlab…

I carried out this option.
ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -C “myemailaddress”

I am not using a local server, I am using the gitlab web page. So added my keys in the ssh keys section in settings.
When i run …
ssh -T i get ... Welcome to GitLab, @qltech!

Guessing that means client is set up ok, yes?

but when i do git pull, i get request for username …
$ git pull
Username for ‘’:

Do I have to add anything to /etc/ssh/ssh_config ??
This is the only thing I have in the file that is not commented …
Host *
SendEnv LANG LC_*

I have tried setting up public keys between this pc and another for remote login and that works ok, I can ssh with out supplying password. So guess my client is ok. Any ideas what I can try?