SSH push mirroring fails

I’m trying to push mirror from this repo to this one using SSH and authenticating with a public key.

URL input into the ‘Git repository URL’ field was ssh://

Clicking the ‘Detect host keys’ button will result in it being greyed out, and a spinner appearing on it briefly before disappearing. No fingerprints are displayed, and no further messages are output.

I continued and added the repository anyway. The generated SSH key was copied and added as a deploy key to the mirror repo, with the ‘Write access allowed’ checkbox ticked.

Trying to update the mirror results in:

2:Fetching remote remote_mirror_e8172bc83304c330b2c0153405923a51 failed: Host key verification failed.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

Am I doing something wrong? From the behaviour I’m experiencing it appears as if the URL is incorrect, but from examples I’ve found both in this forum and on various GitLab issues it appears to be okay. I’ve also tried a few permutations with the same results.

As an update, I’m able to get SSH mirroring working when I use a locally hosted GitLab Docker image.

I am not able to get it working using either, or GitLab Docker instances hosted on a server - it steadfastly refuses to even detect host keys.

I’m considering submitting a bug report, but I’d like to eliminate my own stupidity as a factor before I do.

I see your usage of SSH and understand your reasoning behind it. I’m also an advocate of SSH since it provides better security along with public key encryption.

However, in these kind of situations, some sort of problem almost always pops up. Just a hunch, it’s probably a difficulty on your end.

Anyways, currently, I’m making use of HTTPS based mirroring using a personal access token. Perhaps you wanna give it a shot.

I was trying to get this set up as well, trying between, Gitlab CE (11.9.8, Docker) and GitLab CE 11.7.11. I have copied the SSH public keys from the pusher side to the pushee side as Deploy Keys with write access.

Trying to push mirror from to any of the others results in “2:NoMethodError: undefined method `id’ for nil:NilClass”. Pushing from any other results in the well-know “Permission denied (public key)” message.

Why does this not work? I use SSH keys (both personal and deploy keys) everywhere, so it shouldn’t be an obvious mistake, I hope.