Stage create but no option to run...?

I have a downstream pipeline on self-hosted 14.0.12-ee that generates something like:

  - plan-dev
  - apply-dev
  - plan-stg
  - apply-stg
  - plan-prd
  - apply-prd

Accross a bunch of stacks. Oddly I can plan-dev, and apply-dev on any stack but the next sage plan-stg job which looks like:

  stage: plan-stg
    - cd stacks/backend/16-foobar
    - make -f $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Makefile init env=stg account=backend
    - make -f $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Makefile plan
    - when: manual
  allow_failure: true

It is created, but I don’t see a Play button!? This job has not been triggered yet What am I missing please?

@hendry is this what appears when you view the pipeline as well from the pipeline detail page?

I don’t believe the play button appears in the Visualize rendering of the pipeline editor based on my test on

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Pipeline Execution

Sorry I may have used the Visualise thing to demonstrate the issue. Here is something more concrete looking in my dynamic pipeline:

When I hover over the stg-01-acm … that I want to run it just says “Created”. I can’t trigger it and I don’t know why!

do those downstream jobs have any needs: relationship with the upstream jobs maybe?

This is a really simple example but shows play buttons for all jobs in all stages with a .gitlab-ci.yml that’s roughly like yours.

If you can share some more of your gitlab-ci.yml it may help troubleshooting.

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Pipeline Execution

There no needs, does it need needs in order just to manually run?

  stage: plan-stg
    TF_PROJECT_DIR: stacks/infra/01-acm-internal
    PLAN_JSON: $CI_PROJECT_DIR/stacks/infra/01-acm-internal/plan.json
    - cd stacks/infra/01-acm-internal
    - rm .terraform/terraform.tfstate || true
    - CREDS=$(aws sts assume-role --role-arn
      --role-session-name Gitlab)
    - export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=$(echo $CREDS | jq -r '.Credentials.AccessKeyId')
    - export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=$(echo $CREDS | jq -r
    - export AWS_SESSION_TOKEN=$(echo $CREDS | jq -r '.Credentials.SessionToken')
    - aws sts get-caller-identity
    - make -f $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Makefile init env=stg account=infra
    - make -f $CI_PROJECT_DIR/Makefile plan
    - terraform show --json tfplan | convert_report > $PLAN_JSON
      - $TF_PROJECT_DIR/tfplan
      - $TF_PROJECT_DIR/.terraform
      - $TF_PROJECT_DIR/.terraform.lock.hcl
      terraform: $PLAN_JSON
    - when: manual
  allow_failure: true

You should not have to add ‘needs’ but if you do be aware of how it may impact the pipeline.

I’d guess there was a bug (I can’t find any issues in my quick search) that was fixed sometime between the version you are running (14.0.12) and what is on (15.4) that is causing this.

If you can replicate this on could you add me to the project to take a look? Thanks!

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Pipeline Execution

Need did the trick btw! Thank you and have a great weekend.

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