Storage limits per namespace

The GitLab SaS documentation says

GitLab plans to introduce storage limits for namespaces on GitLab SaaS. After these storage limits have been applied, storage usage will be calculated across the entire namespace and project storage limits will no longer apply.


GitLab plans to introduce the following storage limits per top-level group: Free … 5 GiB

It’s not entirely clear to me what the “namespace” is in this context. Is this the user namespace? So the storage available to all projects in that user’s namespace? Or the project namespace? If the latter, then this change constitutes a reduction from

  • 10 GB for repository and LFS for each project


  • 5 GB for repository, LFS, job artefacts etc for each project


Thanks in advance for the clarification.

A namespace is either your personal namespace or a group. So it’ll be 5 GB for all projects inside of a single namespace, basically for either everything under your /username/projects or any single group.

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I have about 50 projects, none terribly big but I think I’ll still need to delete some things to squeeze into that – is there a timeline on this?

In fact scratch that, I see from the docs that there will be 60 day’s notice of that coming in, that’s plenty of time to sort out build-artifact cleanup, and that would get me well under 5GB.