Self managed gitlab (omnibus) - user storage limit?

Hello all,

I have set up a self managed gitlab and am currently looking for the setting to limit the storage for users.
In the manual I only find a storage limit for repositories, but I would like to specify, for example, that a user only has 3GB available, no matter how many repositories the person has.
Does this option exist at all or can each user have as much storage as they want?

Thank you very much for your help.
~With kind regards

You can limit how many projects a user can have. But I haven’t seen an option to limit the amount of disk space.

Technically a limit on the number of projects combined with a limit on each project does give a limit on the diskspace each person can use, but as I suppose (never tried) the limit on a project have to be shared between all the people working on that project, I guess that a limit for a project would need to be at least as high as the limit you want to impose on each user.

In simple cases, files are stored on a linux filesystem as belonging to the user, so you
could resort to using the quota features of the filesystem, but I guess you’ll get weird/misleading error messages out of that. (if you have a gitaly cluster you can have multiple copies of each file and only some files on each server, it becomes a mess to use an FS-based quota system in such a case)

Thank you for the feedback.
That helps me further. Just a pity that I can’t control it directly via gitlab.