Storing repos on external NAS

I have a NFS share setup on the NAS and have the share mounted to /mnt/nas/git-data2. I know it is mounted and can put move files manually in linux to the share that show up on the NAS. I have edited the gitlab.rb with the following
“default” => “/mnt/nas/git-data2”,
“nfs” => “/mnt/nas/git-data2”

If I push files or create new repos and check in the share on the NAS they never get created. I can however copy the repos from the original directory to the share on the NAS with the following steps but how do I get everything from being edited and created on the NAS and not the default directory?

Prevent users from writing to the repositories while you move them.

sudo gitlab-ctl stop

Note there is no slash behind ‘repositories’, but there is a

slash behind ‘git-data’.

sudo rsync -av /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories /mnt/nas/git-data/

Start the necessary processes and run reconfigure to fix permissions

if necessary

sudo gitlab-ctl upgrade

Double-check directory layout in /mnt/nas/git-data. Expected output:


sudo ls /mnt/nas/git-data/

Done! Start GitLab and verify that you can browse through the repositories in

the web interface.

sudo gitlab-ctl start