How do you configure non-shared LFS storage?

So I’m messing around with a Ubuntu VM running the omnibus install of gitlab. I’m trying to use LFS for the first time to make working with art assets a bit better.

I followed the steps in this guide to enable LFS storage and change its location to a mounted NAS:

It’s working with the test projects I’ve made so far, but my issue is that changing the git_data_dirs in gitlab.rb worked exactly the way I wanted: In my /media/nas/git-data/repositories folder I have a folder for each group, with project.git folders in them.

But after re-configuring lfs_storage_path to “/media/nas/lfs-objects”, I see that the lfs-objects from all projects are stored in the same directory. I was hoping they would be organized by group and project like the git-data directory.
Does someone have an idea of what I can enter for the lfs_storage_path that will give each repository its own lfs storage directory?

Thanks for any input!