Stuck with oauth welcome screen after gitlab-ci upgrade

After upgrading gitlab and gitlab-ci (located on the same server) to 7.8.1 from 7 , the gitlab-ci application redirects to the help/oauth2 url.

This is after I added the gitlab-ci application under the admin-application area in gitlab with the url , and modified the application.yml file in gitlab-ci to include the gitlab_server section as below.

defaults: &defaults
    url: ''
    app_id: 'xxxxx'
    secret: 'yyyy'

  ## Gitlab CI settings  

Why do you need the port? Nginx should handle the proxying. Can you try removing it and check if works? Unless you use a specific setup :innocent:

I went and removed the :9000 port for the gitlab ci configuration.
Which url is the root url for gitlab ci if both applications are on the same server?

When I went and updated the url in the gitlab-ci integration item under project services to remove the port, it returned a 404.

When I tried the :9000 url after restarting the services it still resolved… is there some ruby commandline to tell it to reconfigure, or should updating the /home/gitlab_ci/gitlab-ci/application.yml suffice?


Hi Matt,

Are you trying to run the GitLab CI in development? Or in production? Also after you changed the settings and restarted the server the help page does not automaticly redirects you.

I’ve proposed a changed to make this happen:


I ended up giving up and reinstalling with the omnibus packages and importing the backup.

However I have another issue now, the gitlab-ci-runner(5.0) on another machine gives 403 forbidden errors when checking for new builds. Is this also due to some oauth issues?