Support for external third party registry is deperecating

The gitlab documentation says the support for 3rd party external registry is going to be stopped. Running a registry on a separate node in docker container image called registry:2.8.2. Is it considered as a third party registry or a Gitlab Container Registry. If it is a third party registry how do I migrate it to Gitlab specific container.

Can someone please answer me this question?

Thanks in Anticipation

I think this is only related to the GitLab UI. You can still use it to push/pull images from.

Thanks for the reply @balonik

In the docs:

There is this point:

Third-party registry functionality might be completely removed after the new GitLab Container Registry version is available for self-managed

Can you please specify what is going to be completely removed?

Thank you

You will no longer be able to use external container registry using gitlab_rails['registry_api_url'] and related configuration in gitlab.rb.

Thanks for the reply @balonik

So if I use a docker registry on a separate VM which uses a docker: registry:2.7.1 image running on it and the jobs pulling and pushing images from this VM.

Will it be considered as a third external party registry or just a normal gitlab setup with registry on a separate node

Do you have your external registry configured somewhere in your gitlab.rb?
If yes, you will be affected.
If not, you are not affected.

Im not sure if its a external registry or not. I have my registry on a separate instance. I have downloaded the registry:2.7.1 image on the VM. Will this be considered as a external third party registry? What entries do I check in the gitlab.rb to confirm this?
Im not able to differentiate between an external registry and a registry on a separate node? Could you put some clarity on this?