Survey for OSS

Hello everyone,

I am studying at the TU Berlin and for a case study, we would like to understand the motivations behind open sources, to answer the question: What are the primary motivations driving individual contributors to participate in the Linux open source software project without direct monetary remuneration?

Our main focus is Linux for now, but still we would like to understand the general motivation not through simple research on the internet, rather by having some real data from people, who are working or participating in a open source project.

Regarding this, I would like to invite those people, who are working on an open source project to participate in our survey.

I would really appreciate it.

Link: Demographic Information

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Well, as far as I know, Linux is the worst example you could take as the majority of the contributors are paid either by the Linux Fondation or Big Tech companies who use / need Linux.

Filled the survey, though.


Thanks for replying and filling the survey. Yeah you are totally right, but we have chosen Linux for now, because our lecturer is part of the Linux foundation team as I know . But after gathering many data vom OSS participants, we will definitely look more into the details.

We would appreciate it if you also share the link to other fellows.

Thanks you very much :slight_smile: