Synchronize two Gitlab ce Cluster

Hi there folks, i want to ask question

Is it possible to replica gitlab cluster and made it to backup from the previous gitlab cluster ?

My case : i have 1 gitlab A cluster with already 700++ project inside, i want to create backup for that cluster, meaning i want to set up a gitlab B cluster that copy the 700++ project and act as a backup and when i update or push something to gitlab A cluster, the gitlab B cluster also updated

Is there any ways? what i find is just mirroring the project one by one.

Thank you


If using gitlab-ce, without a Gitlab subscription then I think you are limited in to what you can do. Mirroring which you’ve already found is one option, but then that will only deal with the repositories and not the user logins, etc.

You may wish to take a look at these links:

as you will see, that whilst some functionality is possible in gitlab-ce, the majority would be under gitlab-ee. Also, especially GEO, you need a Gitlab subscription to use it. So if you want to convert your single-node into a multi-node install, then without a subscription I think you are limited in what you can do.