Tests are no longer accessible with a pipeline is running

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Unit tests are no longer accessible

It looks like starting in 13.12.0-pre 25ab40a4d61 unit Tests are not working as they did before.

Before you could access tests from the pipeline even when other jobs were still running.

Now when you access https://gitlab.com/:id/-/pipelines/:id/test_report it will only display There are no test reports for this pipeline You can configure your job to use unit test reports, and GitLab displays a report here and in the related merge request. even if it shows tests exist in the tab.

@jeffcookatwork - Thanks for the post!

This looks like a regression related to a recent change, we’ll take a look. Do the test results replace this message once the pipeline is done running?

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing

Yes, they do show up but only after all jobs are finished. This means if there are manual jobs they must be finished before the tests are viewable.

There is not even a way to tell if there are any failed tests.

Thanks for confirming @jeffcookatwork. An issue was opened and we’re working on a fix.

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing

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@jeffcookatwork - The issue we opened has been fixed and closed. Let me know if this isn’t working as expected still on your side.

-James H, GitLab Product Manager, Verify:Testing

This is working for me again.


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