This job does not have a trace

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Jobs stopped showing trace:

  • I didn’t do anything with .gitlab-ci.yaml, but at one point the traces stopped showing.
    screen *

    • GitLab: GitLab Enterprise Edition [13.4.2-ee]
    • Runner: executor = “shell”
  • *.gitlab-ci.yaml:

script: cat index.php
tags: [testing]

  • Could you tell me where to look for the problem?

Having the same problem lately

Same problems on many Pipelines, on many projects, under Gitlab CE 13.4.2 (b08b36dccc3)

Hi everyone, thanks for bringing this up. I’d like to get to the bottom of this.

  • Is it correct that you are all using GitLab 13.4.2?
  • When did you first notice this issue? Did you see this problem before upgrading to 13.4.2?
  • What version of GitLab Runner (13.4, 13.3 etc), and what GitLab runner executor are you using (shell, docker, etc.)?

This should help troubleshoot the issue and investigate any potential bugs. Thanks in advance.

Hi, and thanks for your quick reply.

My gitlab-runner was 11.1.0 (I don’t know why /usr/local/bin/gitlab-runner was used instead of /usr/bin/gitlab-runner).

I have fixed this mistake and upgraded to gitlab-runner 13.4.1 (amd64).

Now it seems to be working better (I will monitor jobs today because failures was partially random).

Thanks, my runner was not updated either.