Gitlab runner doesn't pick up jobs

I have updated to the latest version:

currently running
gitlab: 14.1.3
ubuntu: 18.04.5 LTS

Firstly I had registered a runner for my project.
As for yml I used the .net core asp template
First time my pipeline had ran I got the message that there is no runner for tag: ‘dev’ even tough it was edited in my yml file.

When checking in the settings->ci/cd tab the runner had status: ‘has not connected yet’
After some digging around on gitlab forums and google I came up with ‘gitlab verify’, after running this command the runner was connected and active, but still didn’t fix the issue.

I have disabled shared runners for my project and also rebooted the server entirly.
Currently I don’t receive the error message, however the runner doesn’t pickup any job and results in a timeout error for my pipeline job.

Any idea how to fix this?

Hi @tim.clinckemalie :wave: The same Runner tags need to be used in both the project’s .gitlab-ci.yml file and the Runner’s configuration. Maybe the latter was missing dev in your case?

Or do untagged jobs run neither?

No, I have checked.

Today, I had some struggles with my setup I got 500 and 502 errors, but I have seen that I was low in disk space so I Expanded my disk on the vm.

This is my yml file:
yaml file

After rebooting my server all my runners where offline, so I had todo a gitlab-runner verify.
But still same issue.