"This job has not started yet" in Pipelines -> Build Job for my tag

I was trying to add a tag to my runner, made an arbitrary tag “arnoldschwarzenegger” - here is my gitlab-ci.yml:

image: python:3.7

stages: # List of stages for jobs, and their order of execution

  • build
  • production

DOCKER_HOST: tcp://docker:2376

#- which docker

stage: build
- arnoldschwarzenegger
- whoami
- which docker
- docker compose build
- docker compose push

stage: production
- arnoldschwarzenegger
- whoami
- which docker
- docker compose down
- docker compose up -d
- master

And in settings → CI/CD, Runners, I created a new runner and registered it with my GCP VM. I confirmed the “tags” input value has a non-typo’d “arnoldschwarzenegger” as well as “shared” separated by a comma

Now in Pipelines for my jobs I cancelled and triggered a pipeline and each time it always says “This job has not started yet” which is questioning how I setup my tags - can anyone advise?

Here is another area to check,

Admin area > CI/CD (not the settings>CI/CD) > Runners. Make sure the runner is enabled and online there.

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I can’t find the admin area? Even going to just gitlab.com I don’t see it - I have a free trial and don’t believe I should be able to see it per Can not find Admin button on GitLab - Stack Overflow ?

You don’t have admin access on gitlab.com - that is only possible when you install your own server with Gitlab. On Gitlab.com projects must have CI/CD enabled, and then you can select runners for the project under project settings.

Thank you for the clarification @iwalker,

@gatsu, when you look at the project setttings > CI/CD > runners area. Do you see your runner on the left column under project runners? If you click on the name link, are you able to see a screen like the image I am showing below?

In the “Configuration” section, if it has “Protected” can you confirm that your changes are in a protected branch?

If you don’t have “Runs untagged jobs” can you edit the runner using the pencil icon in the top right and enable it to see if that allows the pipeline to access the runner? (since you added the runner to a project it will not be shared publicly or across groups)

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