This job is stuck because of one of the following problems

Hi Folks,
I couldn’t find any relevant forum posts with solution in this subject, so I decided to create a new topic. Apologies.

About 20 hours ago, my CI/CD pipeline has started to stuck at the very beginning with the following error:

“This job is stuck because of one of the following problems. There are no active runners online, no runners for the protected branch, or no runners that match all of the job’s tags: docker Go to project CI settings”

I use Gitlab shared runners (no any self-hosted or extra settings). I have never experienced same problem before. When I go to CI settings I can see a lot of active (green) runners. I did not change any settings in my gitlab or in gitlab-ci.yaml. How can I solve this issue?

Thanks for you help!

There is a workaround: if I remove “docker” tag from the jobs in gitlab-ci.yaml, it starts and picks up a runner. It working properly. Hm.

To nystateofhealth@Newone ,

Even though you see green (active) runners in the GitLab CI settings, confirm that these runners are indeed available and not experiencing any issues. Occasionally, GitLab itself may experience service disruptions that affect job assignment and runner availability.