Trigger pipeline manually only

How to disable pipelines to be triggered automatically?

I am having a pipeline for creating a new environment for the branch after it is ready for the testing.

Now all pushed commits are triggering the pipeline but it does not do anything, because the first step has:

  when: manual
  allow_failure: false

If I am adding only: something to the job. Than pipelines are not being triggered automatically, but then if I am trying to start pipeline manually it says that there are no suitable jobs for this branch.

Because of this behaviour, hundreds of not started pipelines are present on the list. Another plus for this approach is being able to set up dynamic build variables for the entire pipeline.

I was hoping that workflow rules ( will be the tool to make this work, but unfortunately, there is no manual option there.

Has anyone found the solution on how to manage pipelines only manually triggering them?


Hi @lkiii
have you manage to stop manual jobs to trigger?

Unfortunately no. We are just flooding the pipelines list with not started pipelines

I ended up using

    - web
  allow_failure: false

seems to work ok