Gitlab-CI will only run when manually triggering pipeline


We have a fully functional .gitlab-ci.yml configured and very happy with it, with one exception, it will not run automatically on a commit, push, merge, etc. Manually triggering the pipeline works as expected.

I have forked an exact copy of the repo and everything works automatically as expected.

I have gone through every single settings that I can compare and they all appear to be identical. The only difference is the repo with the issue is under a group and the forked one is not.

Has anyone experienced this or have any input on what to check next?

Thank you.

Bump. Anyone have any ideas? :crazy_face:

Is this for a project on Are the runners shared runners or self hosted?

This is a self-hosted instance.
It is not using a shared runner. There is a project specific runner for this task.
Again, the main repo will run the pipline if manually created.
On the forked repo with identical settings, the pipeline is automatically triggered at each commit.