UID & GID change when migrating from LDAP to ADS

I have a different scenario where my existing Gitlab is on RHEL 7 using LDAP. Now i need to move to RHEL 8 using ADS. How should the GID & UID combination work for gitlab backup and restore process.

@raki1205 ,

When migrating GitLab from LDAP to Active Directory Services (ADS) on a different version of RHEL, you’ll need to ensure that the UID (User ID) and GID (Group ID) are correctly mapped, as these identifiers might differ between LDAP and ADS.
Before starting the migration, take a full backup of your GitLab instance on RHEL 7. This includes repositories, configuration files, and databases.

What issues we will face if we migrate from LDAP to ADS ?

I would do this in two steps. First migrate to RHEL8 using LDAP, then migrate to ADS. Alternatively, first migrate to ADS on RHEL7, then migrate to RHEL8.

This way you can focus on a single set of concerns. It will also make trouble shooting easier as there is only one thing that changed.