Unable to create account without cellphone number

can anyone tell me how to create a gitlab account without providing a cellphone number? i’ve provided an email address, and been provided with a ‘verification code’ to enter, but the site will not allow me to proceed beyond that point. my reason for joining it to participate in an existing project, i don’t want to create any of my own.

rob :slight_smile:

If you’re trying to sign up to a different instance (from www.gitlab.com), please ask somebody with knowledge about that instance.

I just tried signing up on www.gitlab.com with another email and weren’t asked for a cellphone number. (And I chose to join a project - not that it matters much.)

I also wasn’t asked for a cellphone number when I setup 2FA (but I used an app on my cellphone as the 2nd factor).

I believe both instances and projects can require that you use 2FA on them, but as written above that doesn’t explain what you report.

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Seems like GitLab now decides on a whim whether or not a phone number is required: Identity verification | GitLab

Identity verification provides multiple layers of GitLab account security. Depending on your risk score, you might be required to perform up to three stages of verification to register an account:

  • All users - Email verification.
  • Medium-risk users - Phone number verification.
  • High-risk users - Credit card verification.

The risk score is decided by a third party with no information given ofc: Arkose Protect | GitLab

Since when did they put authentication with a phone number at the time of registration? When he created my account, he didn’t ask for a phone number.

Maybe because you where on windows with chrome and no adblocker.

I want to report an issue with a foss application that uses GItlab, why can’t i do that without giving away my phone number? This is insane…

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Came here to say just that :slight_smile: