Unable to create new list on group issue board -- please help!

***I’m unable to create a new list on a group issue board ***

When I try to create a new list, I just see “no matching results” in the label search. For the boards of the two individual projects, I am able to create a list for “In-Progess” issues without any problem. What am I missing here?

Group project boards in GitHub are not necessarily bound to labels like in GitLab, so this problem doesn’t appear there. Maybe there are some issue labels associated with a whole group that would work for this? If so, how do I edit those?

I found the solution to my problem by further browsing around the GUI. It appears that when I go to “Manage Labels” for a specific project, there is a button there “Promote to Group Label” for each existing label. That’s how group-scope labels are made currently.

From these, I am able to then make lists in the group issue boards.