Share issue boards across different projects at group level[Entreprise version]

Hi folks,

I’ve been searching for quite some time about how to share issue boards among projects under the same group level or add issue boards from existing projects to the group issue board.

Apparently it is not possible.

On StackOverflow they mention a third-party kanban board where it is doable. But for my case it’s too out of scope.

Also, in the Gitlab documentation they mention it is possible to share, labels, issues, MR’s at the group level, but they don’t mention anything about share issue boards.

In the multiple issue board section, they show how to create multiple boards, but not how to add existing ones.

I bet I’m missing something, such a feature just can’t be unavailable on Gitlab!

Here is a related question opened 1 yr ago on this forum with no answers.

I appreciate your time,
Best wishes.