Unable to create new projects

HI, We have recently updated to the latest version of gitlab using apt (v12.1.6) and since updating have found that we are unable to create blank projects.

We can get to the creation form but after filling in the nessisary details like names and group to be associated with we click the create project button and the page essentially reloads and doesn’t do anything.

I have found however that if we create a new project using a template the process works fine.
If anyone has an idea as to why creating a blank project is unsuccessful it would be greately appreciated as i have watch all the logs that i can find and there is no indication as to what is going wrong and i don’t see any error messages.

Thanks Nick

This also seems to be exactly the same as a query from 2018 that didn’t get responded to either

HI All,

For those who come across this post i was eventually able to spot what was the issue that resolved this for me. Probably won’t be the same for everyone but at least it is something to look at.

For me the problem was that i had the prometheus service enable as part of the service template and the URL it was trying to connect to had fallen out of the DNS. As we actually don’t require this i just disabled the service

Admin Area > Service Templates > Prometheus
Untick Active.

As soon as i did this i was once again able to create blank projects.
Hope this helps someone