Unable to do anything with sub-named TAGs like tags-dev/project-name/feature


I hope to be in the right channel.

Since this morning on Gitlab SaaS, I have encountered the following problem with tags containing “/”, like aaa/bbb/ccc.

  • olds created TAGS no longer appear in the UI list, but are present in the repo (test performed via the git command line client)
  • When creating a new TAG via the UI, I get a 404 error
  • Construction of releases impossible via CI / CD, with release-cli (failed to create release: API Error Response status_code: 409 message: Tag aaa/bbb/ccc already exists)

Note, until yesterday: no problem.

Am I the only one in this situation ? I have to create a ticket?

Everything is back to normal this morning, thanks to the dev teams for the responsiveness.

Subject closed for me.

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