Unable to import very large exported repo with LFS objects into Gitlab-CE

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to import a very large export of a repo from another GitLab CE instance into our new instance. The archive is 11 GB in size and contains a lot of LFS objects.

I initially tried this over the web interface, but this failed after 30 seconds with a ‘timeout’ related error. Out GitLab instance runs in a docker image, so to avoid having to deal with the proxy serving the GitLab web UI, I decided to use the curl API call instead for import (at Project import/export API | GitLab) which allows one to import an archived project from the local disk.

Unfortunately this fails as well (after ~10 minutes of waiting), and gives the following message:

GitLab is not responding

Is this a timeout coming from Puma or Nginx? Is there some setting I need to tweak? Are there any alternatives to importing a project from an export archive?

Thanks for you help! Hans

Issues has been reported: Unable to import a very large project with LFS objects into Gitlab-CE instance (#326893) · Issues · GitLab.org / GitLab · GitLab