Unable to Schedule GitLab Pipeline


I hope I´m posting this issue in the correct topic. My problem is I am unable to Schedule a pipeline in my project. About my configuration.

I have registered an account on gitlab.com. There I have uploaded my project. I have installed a gitlab-runner locally on my development environment. The version of the gitlab-runner is 11.11.4. The runner is "executor = “shell”. I have started the runner with debug informations.

If I manually trigger my pipeline in CI/CD / Pipelines / Run Pipelines. I see in the debug messages of the runner that the job will be picked up and will be successfully executed. So everything works fine.

Now I thought I just go to CI/CD / Schedules and add a condition to build the system in a specific interval. The setup looks in my opinion correct, but the job will not picked up from my runner. I don´t see anything in CI/CD / Pipelines that a job will be triggered. If I press the “play” button to manually trigger the scheduled pipeline also nothing occurs.

Am I forget an essential configuration step?

I am project owner of this project.

Thanks for any hints