Unable to update specific snippet

When trying to update a specific snippet using either the website or the API, it will without fail return the error:

Can’t update snippet: Repository Error updating the snippet

This only happens with this specific snippet, when creating a new one and updating that the issue does not occur. It doesn’t matter what title, description, filename or content I give it; it just won’t update.

After looking through the snippet docs and realising that snippets are essentially repositories I cloned the snippet to try and push to it through git.

Doing so I was met with the message “GitLab: Your push has been rejected, because this repository has exceeded its size limit of 50 MB by 3.2 MB. Please contact your GitLab administrator for more information.”
Which is an error message that’s actually helpful as opposed to the message you get trying to update it through the site or API.

However, the issue now is that I cannot reduce the repo size by for example hard resetting to a previous commit therefore reducing its size because it will always give me that error.

Another problem is that I can’t prevent this issue from occurring through the use of the snippets REST API, all I can do is update a snippet (which will permanently increase the repo size, eventually leading to the same issue) or remove the snippet and create a new one (which I can’t do because I want to keep the snippet ID the same).

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.