Understanding categories of Merge Requests

In the Gitlab UI for my projects there is a panel called “Merge Request” and once I click on that option the page on the left pane shows four categories: “Open”, “Merged”, “Closed”, and “All”.

After I have merged a request, it is moved from “Open” to “Merged”, not “Closed.”

I don’t have any ability at all to close the Merge Request.

Is a “Closed” request equivalent to an opened request by a user that has been ignored/neglected/rejected by a developer" ?

I’d say it’s more like, “withdrawn”. At least as the submitter of an MR, I can explicitly close it at any point before it’s merged.

I’m a bit surprised if committers to the target repo wouldn’t be able to do the same, but regardless — “Closed” is a distinct, well-defined state of its own.

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