Update from 15 to 16 versions

Hello guys,

we use Gitlab 15.10.7-ee as CE till now, only for internal access. I thinkfull to update to 16 version, but for now everything working fine. I know and understand that the update are improtant but what you think, if the platform is using only for a few users internaly is this mandatory

Thanks in advnace!


For security reasons yes. Some would say with it being accessible only internally the risk is less. Which is somewhat true, although a user could end up with their system being compromised which could then compromise your server.

At the end of the day it’s up to you. If publicly accessible I would definitely do it and apply updates immediately as they come available. For internal use, you have a bit more time as the risk is somewhat less for it being compromised.

Good practice is to update, especially if there are critical CVE’s which need to be addressed.

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Thanks a lot Ian, I think to plan update as soon as possible. I share your opinion.

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