Update Gitlab 7.0 to the latest on SLES

My gitlab 7.0 has been running on SLES 11 SP2 for more than 2 years, and now I want to upgrade it to the latest version. I found that the gitlab 7.0 was installed with package “gitlab-7.0.0_omnibus-1.el6.x86_64.rpm”, which is not for SLES, but is actually running well. I have tried the latest “el6 x86_64” package, but failed, because it depends on "openssh-server ’ package which is “openssh” in SLES. I will try to upgrade my SELS from 11 SP2 to 12 SP1 first, the use the package of opensuse/13 to upgrade. I haven’t do it yet, because it needs to backup the restore to the new host, and will spends a lot of time. Is there any other way to deal with this condition? Thanks!

nobody give some advise?