GitLab EE Omnibus Package for SLES 12 SP5

GitLab Omnibus packages for SUSE:
OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.2, 12.5

If you run the script to add the package repository on any newer SLES distribution than SLES12.2, you will not find any packages.
curl -sS | sudo bash

We are currently running GitLab on SLES 12.3, but are using package built for SLES 12.2
We are looking to upgrade the server, since 12.3 is EOL. There are no packages for SLES 12.3, 12.4 or 12.5, only 12.2. Considering since GitLab works fine on SLES12.3, it probably would also work fine on SLES 12.5.

We could upgrade to a newer SLES 15 SP2, but there does not seem to be any packages for SLES 15, just OpenSUSE 15.
Though the OpenSUSE package seems to be a SLES package, but the distribution tag is OpenSUSE/15.1

Is this a SLES build or an OpenSUSE build of GitLab?
Since OpenSUSE Leap is built upon SLES, it should not matter and should work on either, but I would still prefer it being built on SLES.

They shouldn’t be a problem, sles/opensuse are the same thing. It’s like installing RHEL packages on CentOS. The only difference here is that OpenSUSE is the testbed for SLES. So, more easier to compare Fedora to RHEL, and utilising packages in the same way.

In terms of your link, the giveaway is “sles15” in the filename. That is how you determine which version of SLES. In this instance, SLES15. Also:

you will see here in the extra column “OpenSUSE/15.1”. But from your link it was showing already opensuse/15.1/gitlab-ee. I wouldn’t upgrade to 15.2 though since there are no packages for it, only 15.1.

So in summary, you are fine to run this on SLES15SP1.

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Considering that we are running the SLES 12.2 build on a SLES 12.3 server, and it works fine, then running the SLES 15.1 build on SLES 15.2 should also be fine (in theory).

Currently we are running SLES 12.3 on the GitLab server, so I hoped to get SLES 12.5 Omnibus packages. It is easier for us to upgrade to SLES 12.5, then it is to upgrade to SLES 15. One can be done with zypper migration, the other requires a reinstall to SLES 15.

SLES12 SP3 and higher allows offline upgrade without the need to reinstall:

but yes zypper migration easier if just between service pack levels.

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