Updated From 8.13.1-ce.0 to 8.4.4-ce.0 "No Repository"

Howdy folks,

I recently updated my gitlab instance from 8.13.1-ce.0 to 8.4.4-ce.0, and now when I try to view any of the projects through gitlab I receive a “No Repository” message.

I checked my gitlab.rb file, and it seems to be right - the path to the repo is correct. However, when I view the gitlab.yml file the storages setting gets populated with {“default”:"/var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories"}

To test, I created a new project in gitlab, and it created the new project in that folder.

So, I added this to my gitlab.rb:
“default” => “/repo”,

I did a gitlab-ctl reconfigure and a gitlab-ctl restart to be safe, but I’m still getting the No Repository error.