Updating problems from Gitlab 7.3.0 to the next version

I have an Ubuntu server with gitlab version 7.3.0 (Community edition) which was installed from the omnibus deb package and I know that it’s too old version.
I want to move all data to another server and install the latest version of Gitlab.

I have read a lot of manuals about migrating process and planned step by step moving from one version to another up to latest: backup and restore tar archive, but when made a backup on the first server (tar archive) I have installed the Gitlab version (7.6.2) on another and did:
$ sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:restore BACKUP=<number of backup from tar>
and got the following:

Unpacking backup ... done
Gitlab version mismach:
   Your current GitLab version (7.6.2) differs from the Gitlab version in the backup!
   Please switch to the following version and try again:
   version: 7.3.0

Can you tell me what should you I do? What’s the best way to move all data to the server with the latest version of Gitlab?


The GitLab version you had taken backup is of 7.3.0 and you are trying to restore it on 7.6.2, which is not possible.
You have to install same version of GitLab on your server ie., 7.3.0 and then you will be able to restore it. From there you can upgrade it to latest version in steps.
7.3.0 version backup will not be restored on 7.6.2 because there might be DB changes (eg: tables, column additions and deletions etc…) that’s why it wont allow you to restore.