Upgrade path for Gitlab from 15.3.2 to 15.5.4?

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Can someone suggest the Upgrade path for Gitlab CE from 15.3.2 to 15.5.4 version

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Can you give more info on which install method you use?

And of course, first and foremost - check out this here: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

I am no GitLab expert, but have experience with maintaining a self-hosted installation for a year and few months now.
As a rule of thumb, when I’m upgrading, I’m only going maximum 1 minor version at a time. In your case would be 15.3.2 → 15.4.0 → 15.5.0 → 15.5.4 . BUT, please definitely check if there are any breaking changes in between, changes in those versions that might affect your instance, etc. But normally there shouldn’t be.

I have a simple installation with Docker, we update on regular basis and never make high jumps. We had only 1 issue with db migrations so far, but it didn’t actually affect the instance in a visible way. I believe this was quite long time ago, somewhere on 14.X version and eventually was resolved with a new patch version from GitLab.

Perhaps we can get someone officially from GitLab on this topic to confirm this or give you a more “secure” answer :slight_smile:

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Why do you want to go to an old release like 15.5.4, that is not even the latest point release in that minor series - that would be 15.5.9?

I mostly agree with @paula.kokic but for the intermediate and final step you should probably go for the last release in that minor series, to avoid installing something that has known security problems. In this case that would be to go 15.3.2 → 15.4.6 → 15.5.9 (if you - unexpectedly - have a very good reason for stopping at 15.5.4 and not going to 15.5.9, you should substitute that here.

@paula.kokic @grove Yeah you guys are correct.

Will try to upgrade 15.5.9. Actually, our Gitlab CE application runs in OpenShift with Postgres 12.9 version and Redis 6.0.16.
Currently We don’t want to upgrade the Postgres version, due that reason we are planning this way.

15.0 recommends using PostgreSQL 12.10 as the minimum tested version, Installation system requirements | GitLab If it worked for some reason in 15.3.x there is no guarantee it will continue doing so in 15.5.x

My suggestion would be to upgrade PostgreSQL 12.10 first, and then follow the 15.x lifecycle. Or, if you are planning to upgrade to GitLab 16.0 later this year (May 2023), do a larger PostgreSQL upgrade to 13.6.