Gitlab CE (docker) upgrade path


we have Gitlab CE version 9.5.4 running which was created from a Rancher 1.6 community catalog template.

this has been running for a couple of years but as we are currently running into an issue and want to start using it more we are looking into upgrading it first. we do allready have a bunch of repo’s and docker images in the server which we would prefer to migrate.

i can find info on upgrading several types (omnibus, source, kubernetes) of installation but don’t seem to find one specificly for a regular docker installation. i read that you should follow a specific path for upgrading,as in upgrade to the latest version of your current major version, then go to the next major version and so on.

is that approach also valid for upgrading a docker installation?

what would you recommend as the best approach as we are way behind.

thank you for your input